Logistics and Storage - Just in Time and Traceability

Since 2006 we offer logistic services and storage on land and shelf storage, and we carry on a corporate philosophy focused on Just In Time and product traceability. From the raw materials to the final outgoing product following the FIFO and FEFO regularity: everything is constantly tracked.

Just In Time in Italy is the privilege of a few. This represents a competitive advantage because it allows us to deal with unexpected changes of the demand with process speed, reliability and reduction in stock levels and Lead Time, guaranteeing a rapid and flexible service to better satisfy customer’s requirements.
Just In Time packaging provides an increase in the quality check of activities, offering a Total quality Management System orientation.

Flows are managed thanks to the support of latest generation hand-held devices, with personnel involved in cargo handling. The warehouse offers the capacity of 1200 Pallet storage places and it is fitted with a semi-automatic charge base.

We like to promote a lean manufacturing because we believe it is the winning answer to the revolutionary logic of the modern market and we commit to increase this manufacturing process in a customer satisfaction-oriented perspective.


Dinamic Service Warehouse

Logistics and Storage Dinamic Service


1200 Pallet Spaces

Dinamic Service Warehouse