Our History

Push the packaging towards excellence​: from the first steps in 2006 up to now, this has always been the Dinamic Service’s goal. Our history talks about the concrete conversion from a long-term vision to a corporate reality, satisfying the natural curiosity of readers about who is behind Dinamic Service and clarifying the internal adopted logic.

With care and determination a dream became an idea, the idea became a project and soon there were the first important company results. Thanks to the vision of two young women, Tania and Samantha, bound by the same courage and entrepreneurial spirit, a failing packaging company ​became an outstanding one in Abruzzo, offering innovative primary and ​secondary packaging solutions for third parties and additional services of logistics and storage.

Dinamic Service was born on 24th March 2006 and, after two months, it introduced a production area in the province of Pescara (in Rosciano), pearl of​ the packaging in Central Italy.
Tania and Samantha immediately combined ​competence and professionalism with strength and determination, repeating to themselves that intelligence without ambition is like a bird without its wings. Two friends and entrepreneurs who invested on themselves, by following their principles with the desire to be different and bring their values on the work field.

The ​Dinamic Service Team, who gradually took shape, today is still the pillar of the company, and it totally shares the vision and the medium and long-term goals, becoming a vital tool to improve customer satisfaction.
Today Dinamic Service has more than ​seventy employeesand it’s a company full of relations where you have the possibility of growing together and breathing challenges, successes and experiences. This is a real place of comparison and community development, in order to give a packaging which represent us to those who chose us and continue to believe in us: ​we dress the product because we love to give life and shape to beauty.

In 2010 a market development gave us the chance of moving from the production area of Rosciano to Spoltore, always in the province of Pescara, doubling the space and giving birth to a new area dedicated to our future ​flagship: the Clean Room, an aseptic and sterile environment able to offer ​a primary packaging in Abruzzoof highest quality.

At the beginning someone believed in this project. Now we are so many to believe in it, and we still grow day after day to be the central engine of this packaging machine of opportunities.

Team Dinamic Service

Dinamic Service Srl Company Vision

Flexibility, operational exellence and quality check at the service of our customers is our vision. We study and project an packaging to creatively create the first link among product, brand and final customer.”

Tania Fontana
Tania Fontana

Sole Administrator

“We present innovative solutions of co-packing design to satisfy the different needs of customers thanks to Just In Time and cost efficiency, focusing on professionalism and advanced technology of machinery.”

Samantha Basilisco
Samantha Basilisco

Quality Assurance and Human Resources Manager

“Our ability is at the service of those who want to launch or strenghten their own brand with an exclusive packaging, with attention to smallest details and supported by additional services of logistics & storage in order to guarantee security and traceability of the product.”

Mirko Basilisco
Mirko Basilisco

Marketing and Communication Manager