Secondary Packaging - Machinery

Our Production Area is equipped with qualified personnel and mobile machines for the secondary packaging and a detailed package.

Two compartmentalised areas give us the possibility to work on bulk products both edible (biscuits, bread slices-dry product) and inedible: they  go through an unpacking process and they undergo a secondary re-packaging, according to customer specifications, stimulating an higher qualitative care. In fact, our personnel comes with the appropriate clothing (sterile laboratory coats, caps, shoe covers etc) to offer an operational excellence by respecting all the sanitation rules.
In the agri-food sector we follow for the most a processing and traceability logic based on FEFO (First Expired First Out): we take into account the raw material with the nearest expiring date to remove it from the stock, use it in the production cycle and send it to the final customer.

We also pay attention to the personalized micro packaging: an ad hoc packaging of luxury items and handmade creations to offer to the customer a wide range of opportunities. Ideas which take their shape respecting tastes and values with a packaging that tries to transmit the customer’s identity and recognition.

The machines can be arranged in line with one another to support typically manual works; we focus on the efficiency of advanced technology which assist the constant preparation of our Team.
Our maintenance managers are available H24 for every kind of check or problem.

We used the following machinery for the secondary packaging:

  • Shrinkwrappers
  • Packaging machines
  • Horizontal and vertical Flowpack supported by conveyor belts
  • Sealing bars
  • Automatic strapping machine and conveyor labeller
  • Pallettisers in the warehouse

We also carry out:

  • Cellophan wrapping, Sleeve, Thermal punctures
  • Heat shrink
  • Gadget introduction, unpacking process, secondary re-packaging and printing of bar codes with their repositioning.

Secondary Packaging Dinamic Service