“A company without values is a worthless company”

We consider the social responsibility an important pillar of our corporate philosophy, as much as the quality management.

We respect the code of business ethics in order to achieve a good company activity focused on the psychological and physical well-being of workers and on the work-life balance.
We want to concentrate on the Health Performance (best performance) of each one and we have been working for years, respecting this philosophy, in order to reduce absenteeism, increase motivation and productivity with an improvement of interpersonal and collaborative relationships among workers.

That is why the company organizes every year interchange activities such as corporate Team Building where motivation, cohesion and excitement of a young team lead to a single goal: know each other well to work better!
During work there are many breaks to facilitate interpersonal exchange and sharing ideas with colleagues, feeling free of considering the job as an integral part of life, in the view of encouraging the Work-Life Balance.

Dinamic Service promptly support any kind of charity activity and it is engaged in a constant commitment towards the social environment. Every occasion is good to think about others and that is why, for more than ten years, we have been helping children of Africa and we have been supporting schools in Zanzibar. We support initiatives of Emergency and WWF.
We offer our contribution also for solidarity initiatives and the participation to the guaranteed mobility project for Onlus/Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (AISM).

Social Responsibility Dinamic Service
Social Responsibility Dinamic Service


Corporate contributions:

  • Adriatic trophy Federico & Friends 12th June 2016 (Sport, Show & Solidarity)
  • Participation to the guaranteed mobility project of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association which gives value, representation and visibility to the company