Who We Are - Primary and Secondary Packaging

We are a company specialising in primary (Clean Room) and secondary packaging forthird parties, we offer logistic services in Central Italy (Just In Time vision) and both storage on land and shelf storage, gaining a great space in the B2B packaging field, thanks to the watchful eye of our staff.

Step by step we follow the customer in order to satisfy his requests, focusing in particular on the study and planning of a customized design-packaging, and we offer a different range of packaging solutions based on specific characteristics of the product.

Our work is supported by the use of specific packaging machinery filled up with the most advanced technology. We are committed to the activity of Promo Buying based on the planning and realization of strategic promotional packaging to launch our customers’ products on the market and study a new attraction and distribution system which leads the final consumer to purchase.

Since over ten years we have been dedicating professionalism and operational excellence of our services to customers.  Our quality is recognized at European level by P&G certifications. We aim to a continuous improvement to satisfy the needs of our growing clientele.

We are in Italy, in the region of Abruzzo, between the sea and the hills, in the ex Fornace’s industrial area, Tratturo 5/P Street, Spoltore, in the province of Pescara.

Dinamic Service Plant

Why should you choose Dinamic Service?

Our competitive advantage

We are one of the few subcontractors in Central Italy to offer an aseptic and sterile primary packaging in Clean Room

The ROA is 45,01% compared with our direct competitors. The Trend is growing with a ROE of 86,94% in 2015, and a ROS of 19,23%. We have been costantly growing since over ten years thanks to an organization which focus on the observance of the internal logics aiming for operational excellence, continuous training of our team and the maintenance of quality European certificates aquired (including the Top Level Customer Packer P&G and the SGS certification 9001:2015)

Industrial philosophy Just In Time: reliability, reduction in stock levels, manufacturing process speed (Lean Production)

Corporate policy based on Total Quality Management: dynamic and systemic approach to management, customer orientation, continuous improvement of services by keeping employees updated and ready to problem solving solutions.

 Custom-made design and innovative Design-packaging to meet the needs of our customers.